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Why Youth?

We have chosen to work with youth because over 50% of the Rwandan population is under 20 years old and the median age of the population is 22.7 years old. With youth, we address both the immediate needs of the youth population and contribute to the long-term development and stability of the country.

Empowering young people with education, skills, economic opportunities, and a sense of civic responsibility can have a significant positive impact on Rwanda’s future.

We focus On Youth For Multiple Reasons:

Demographic Advantage

Rwanda has a youthful population, with a significant proportion of its population being under the age of 30. This demographic advantage presents an opportunity for NeGe to invest in youth as a means to foster sustainable development, empower communities, and drive social change.

Human Capital Development

Youth are the future leaders, innovators, and workforce of a nation. Investing in their education, skills development, and capacity-building can contribute to building a strong human capital base, which is crucial for long-term economic growth and social progress.

Poverty Alleviation

Youth in Rwanda often face high levels of unemployment (13.1%), poverty, and limited access to quality education and healthcare. By focusing on youth, NeGe addresses these challenges and promote poverty alleviation by providing vocational training, job placement services, entrepreneurship support, and access to essential services.

Social & Political Empowerment

Youth engagement is vital for fostering inclusive governance, democratic participation, and social cohesion. NeGe empowers young people by promoting civic education, human rights awareness, leadership training, and advocacy skills, enabling them to be active participants in shaping their communities and influencing policy decisions.

Health and Well-being

Youth in Africa and Rwanda particularly faces various health challenges, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, reproductive health issues, and inadequate access to healthcare services. Our organization often prioritizes youth-focused initiatives to improve their health outcomes, promote sexual and reproductive health education, combat the spread of diseases, and ensure their overall well-being.

Technological Advancement

Youth are increasingly tech-savvy and have embraced digital platforms and technologies. NeGe recognizes the potential of youth as agents of technological advancement and innovation. They support initiatives that enhance digital literacy, provide access to information and communication technologies, and encourage the use of technology for social development, entrepreneurship, and education.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

Youngsters are often disproportionately affected by conflicts and violence in various regions of Africa. We recognize the importance of engaging youth in peacebuilding efforts, promoting conflict resolution skills, and creating platforms for dialogue and reconciliation. By involving young people in peacebuilding initiatives, our organization contributes to building peaceful and inclusive societies.

Environmental Conservation

Rwanda is home to diverse ecosystems and natural resources that are under threat from environmental degradation and climate change. NeGe focuses on youth to promote environmental awareness, conservation practices, and sustainable development. Engaging young people in environmental initiatives fosters a sense of responsibility, encourage conservation efforts, and protect Rwanda's natural heritage for future generations.

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Youth, especially young women and girls worldwide, face gender-based discrimination, limited access to education, and unequal opportunities in various parts of Africa. We prioritize youth to address these inequalities and promote gender equality and women's empowerment. They work towards providing equal educational opportunities, combating gender-based violence, and empowering young women to become leaders and change agents in their communities.

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Youngsters are often more open to embracing innovative approaches and entrepreneurial activities. At NeGe, we recognize the potential of youth in driving social change through social entrepreneurship and innovation. They provide training, mentorship, and financial support to young entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop sustainable businesses that address social and environmental challenges while generating economic opportunities.

Cultural Preservation and Heritage

Rwanda is rich in cultural diversity and heritage, but many traditional practices and knowledge systems are at risk of being lost. Our programs focus on youth to promote cultural preservation, heritage awareness, and intergenerational knowledge transfer. By involving young people in cultural initiatives, NeGe ensures the preservation and celebration of Africa's diverse cultural identities.

Youth Voice and Participation

Youth participation in decision-making processes is crucial for the development and sustainability of societies. Our organization advocates for youth voice and participation, creating platforms for engagement and representation. They support youth-led organizations, youth parliaments, and youth forums, enabling young people to express their opinions, contribute to policy development, and actively participate in shaping their communities and nations.


Strive for the sustainable development of the young community by creating solutions that address the needs of young individuals and contribute to the overall growth and well-being of the Rwandan society.


A world where young people are empowered and engaged leaders in creating a sustainable and equitable future for all.


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Our Success Stories

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I was raped when I was 16 years old. Since then my life became hell, but after meeting Necessary Generation I found piece and the hope i missed. I am happy now, I have hope for future and I believe I will pay school fees for my baby.
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Since I joined GAAFAADE project, I met with my colleagues we share same sad stories, we talk, we confort each other and find together the sens of life. I have hope of life now.
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Being a teen mother is not an easy work, sometime you ask yourself what to do while the child you have keeps asking you for the things you can’t afford. I am thankful for GAAFAADE project ( Necessary Generation ), I found my peace here. I have hope of tomorrow.
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I knew nothing about fashion and tailoring, but now I can make clothes for myself and my child. I can knock every where asking for job in this sector. All this happened since I joined Necessary Generation program under GAAFAADE project.

“Empowering today’s youth is an investment in tomorrow’s leaders. Together, we can inspire positive change, unlock potential, and create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.”

Nduwimana Jean Paul - Founder

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