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Our Highest Ambition is to Help People

Our programs contribute to empower and support youth to become engaged members of their communities by providing them with tools and resources they need to succeed in life. We strive for sustainable development of our young generation.

Take part in changing the lives of young people across Rwanda.

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Protecting children's rights, providing eduction, improving health and addressing poverty and exploitation.


Its all known that youth are the future leaders of our world and we believe that the young generation have smart ideas for change. Listening to them, involving them, facilitate, support and let them take the lead is a smart start in preparing them to be leaders of the world we want to see.


Most of them are our mothers, sisters and wives. Building a sustainable community requires first supporting and empowering women to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals and promote gender equality and more. In this sector, we work with hundreds of vulnerable women and teen mothers in different villages of Rwanda.

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How Can We Help Them?

You can contribute to a range of work that helps your stakeholders around the country, including projects focused on Education, ICT, skills development, livelihoods, child protection, health, women empowerment and more.

Giving Love

Your support will unwrap brighter futures for children and families.


Your donation can help us offer more services to more people.


You can contribute your time, skills, knowledge through volunteering.

How to Become a Volunteer?

Join our volunteer team and let's keep impacting our communities together!

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    Nduwimana Jean Paul

    Founder and Director

    Uwamukunda Jenny

    Project Manager

    Irahoza Guillaine

    Member and Lawyer

    Tuyishime Irakoze Jean Pierre

    Co Founder and advisor

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