About The Founder

About The Founder

Being good hearted, compassionate and giving genuine love are what Nduwimana Jean Paul also known as NOOPJA was born with. He has grown up with such attitude ever since a baby and he intends to keep it up now and forever. 

 Artist, Musician, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur at the same time.

Being an artist made it easy for him to embark on his other passion; humanitarianism. He is compassionate towards the marginalized and contributing to building of his country Rwanda as a youth.

 Prior to founding Necessary Generation, he had an initiative of feeding street children on annual basis wishing them a happy and prosperous festive season for both Christmas and New Year in his Kamembe home city  located in the Western Province. 

 His compassionate character alongside his sympathy towards the helpless has earned him respect from his native region to the extent when he is spotted walking on the streets, kids and fellow youth assemble together to where he’s headed. He always uses the opportunity to informally advise them on proper lifestyles for a future good life.

 Back in the years, as a young boy, he together with his grandmother’s cattle keeper spotted a baby of less than 2 months thrown in the bush, crying, freezing to death. He reported that baby to the orphanage center of Rusayo based in Rusizi District. 

 On February 3rd 2008, NOOPJA witnessed the aftermath of earthquake cataclysms that destroyed people’s houses and property, kids crying helplessly, with body parts broken looking for their parents, in need of help.

 Genocide that happened in 1994 left so many orphans and widows. While watching such images in film and TV, Nduwimana gets shocked and traumatized. 

 Looking at that, based on what causes poverty, war, terrorism and many others inspired NOOPJA to establish a non-profit organization to help elevate wellbeing among people.

 Having such idea,  Jean Paul NDUWIMANA was supported by his sibling Jado financially to kick start his first activities for the organization. 

 His music has been one of the tools to support him on a notable footing. The little he generated financially through his music would be invested in the non-profit organization.

 Currently NECESSARY GENERATION is comprised of youth who have dedicated themselves to be pillars of building the world we live in and leave it better than they found it.

 NOOPJA is motivated and self-driven by community services, entrepreneurship, youth development, skills development and above all believes in services towards humanity; this is the greatest passion of his work and life.