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Necessary Generation Rwanda is a non-governmental and nonprofit organisation, working with thousands of youths and children in urban and rural areas throughout the Western Province of Rwanda.  

The organisation strives to create a world where all youths live a dignified life.

NeGe Rwanda works in program areas of education, ICT, economic development and health.

The organisation encourages and strengthens collective social, economic, cultural, and environmental, peace and technological initiatives developed by youth themselves. NeGe Rwanda is dedicated to remove obstacles to youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards.

NeGe youth inclusive organisation, is based in, Kamembe, Rusizi district, western province of Rwanda and is entirely staffed by dedicated youth members, aiming to assist marginalised and disenfranchised youth, to help them create and sustain income generating, lead a healthy life, access the benefits of ICT and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens. Unlike most organisations working with youth, NeGe enables youth to come up with their own solutions in open forums, rather than dictating them what to do. 

NeGe was founded in February 2016 by a group of committed youths comprising of men and women after releasing the need of the youth in the development stages so that they can play a greater role in the development of their own communities.

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Environment Campaign

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University Grands

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Healthcare Fundraising

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We believe in a world where all youths live a dignified life.