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Computer Basic and Advanced Training & Smart Phone Basic Training

Computer Basic and Advanced Training & Smart Phone Basic Training

We started the Computer Basic Training in 2018, we trained more than 600 younsters from Kigali, Kamonyi and Rusizi Districts, Rwanda. Later, ICTalk Enterprise, resulted from the partnership between Necessary Generation and ONE WORLD Citizens, The ICTalk Smartphone Basics Training is developed by and for young people with the aim of giving residents throughout Rwanda the opportunity to develop their smartphone skills. So that they can use their smartphone for more than just calling and taking pictures: also for personal development, online education, access to all kinds of information, doing business and working together both nationally as internationally.

In this initiative, all residents who do not yet have a smartphone at their disposal will receive a smartphone, so that everyone becomes personally involved in the digital era with all the developments, opportunities and prosperity that result from it, with no one left behind.

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