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About Founder


Necessary Generation’s visionary founder, Nduwimana Jean Paul, originates from Rusizi district and emerges from a modest background. His unwavering commitment to contributing to his country’s development culminated in the establishment of this non-profit organization, dedicated to the enhancement of people’s well-being. Known as NOOPJA, Jean Paul is distinguished by his profound compassion and benevolent nature, driven by an unwavering passion to serve humanity.

In addition to his role as the founder, Jean Paul is a talented artist who adopts the stage name NOOPJA. He gained prominence through his inaugural album, “IMFURA…NI ABAGABO,” which includes popular tracks like “Mubeho”, “Imfura …Ni abagabo” … and more.

Before embarking on the journey of founding Necessary Generation, Jean Paul initiated efforts to provide sustenance to street children in his hometown of Kamembe during Christmas and New Year holidays. His compassionate character has earned him respect from people in his region, who frequently seek his informal guidance towards securing a better future.

The genesis of Necessary Generation finds its roots in a poignant experience in 2008 when Jean Paul rescued a baby in the forest near Kamembe airport. As a young boy, accompanied by his grandmother’s cattle keeper, he chanced upon a baby of less than two months, crying and teetering on the brink of freezing to death, abandoned in the undergrowth. He expeditiously reported this discovery to his sector office and subsequently to the Rusayo orphanage center in Rusizi District, where the child was nurtured and blossomed into a beautiful individual.

Presently, NOOPJA serves as the C.E.O and founder of Country Records, Rwanda’s foremost music production studio, which has empowered numerous youths to showcase their talents and generate income. Furthermore, he initiated a community radio station “Country FM” in his hometown, which has emerged as the preferred channel for the local community, leaving an enduring impact on the region and setup an youth empowerment center to help his community. His vision encompasses the launch of community supporting platforms, schools, and hospitals for in the near future.

Today, Necessary Generation is an assembly of young individuals who are wholeheartedly dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities. Their focal areas encompass community service, entrepreneurship, youth skill development, and the noble pursuit of serving humanity.