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The Founder

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The idea of Necessary Generation was brought by Nduwimana Jean Paul, born from Rusizi district in an ordinary family. His dream of contributing to the development of his country resulted to a non-profit organization dedicated to improving people’s well-being. Also known as NOOPJA, this young man is defined by his compassionate and caring nature and is driven by his passion for serving humanity.


As a musician, he performs under the stage name NOOPJA and gained recognition with his first album “IMFURA…NI ABAGABO” which included popular tracks such as “Murabeho ” and “Imfura…Ni Abagabo”.


Prior to starting Necessary Generation, Jean Paul had an initiative to feed street children in his hometown of Kamembe during the Christmas and New Year holidays. His compassionate character has earned him respect from people in his region, who often gather around him to receive informal advice on a better future.


The idea for Necessary Generation was born from a traumatic experience Jean Paul had in 2008 when he witnessed the aftermath of an earthquake and saved a baby that had been abandoned. Back in the years, as a young boy, he together with his his grandmother’s cattle keeper spotted a baby of less than 2 months thrown in the bush, crying, freezing to death. He reported that baby to his sector office and then to orphanage centre of Rusayo based in Rusizi District where later the beautiful baby was raised. 


Currently, Noopja is the C.E.O and founder of Country Records, the Rwanda leading music production studio that has been supporting a big number of youths to demonstrate their talents and work out of them to generate incomes. He also started a community radio station in his home village, a radio that is the number one community choice channel and its role in impacting communities is inexplicable. He plans to start a TV channel too that will be the leading educating TV channel for in Rwanda.


Today, Necessary Generation is comprised of young people committed to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities, with a focus on community service, entrepreneurship, youth skills development, and serving humanity.



Founder & CEO