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What We Do

Our Objectives

Education Empowerment

The primary objective is to empower youths and children by providing them with the necessary tools and opportunities to access and benefit from education. 

Promoting Healthy Living

NeGe aims to promote healthy living habits among the community, with a focus on youth by conducting outreach programs, health fairs, and medical missions to provide information on disease prevention and mental health support. The goal is to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

Entrepreneurship Support

NeGe seeks to create economic opportunities for young entrepreneurs by providing business incubation services, skills training, and access to finance to help them start and sustain their small businesses. The objective is to encourage economic empowerment and self-sufficiency among young people.

Promoting Peace and Tolerance

NeGe is committed to promoting peace and conflict resolution in the community. It aims to foster tolerance and respect for diversity among the youth through various activities and initiatives. The goal is to create a more harmonious and inclusive society.

Civic Education and Youth Involvement

Necessary Generation is dedicated to promoting active citizenship and youth involvement in community development and good governance. This can include organising workshops, training sessions, and awareness campaigns to engage young people in civic and community activities.

Environmental Awareness and Protection

Necessary Generation aims to raise awareness among youth about the importance of the environment. It plans to launch campaigns that encourage young people to take action to protect the environment. This could involve tree planting, waste reduction, and other environmental conservation efforts.

Our Activities